Kettle's Yard Colors

Kettle's Yard is like an English Summer - Wintry whites, thundercloud grays and the very bleak putty of a weak sun.  Occasionally there is the odd splash of cobalt blue sky (in a mini Miro) or a dash of red in a woven textile but the overwhelming impression is cool, wind blown and bleak.  And yet, it is the most amazing place.  The genius is in the attention to detail, to the combination of textures and to scale.  With the juxtaposition of the manmade and the natural world, art by the side of tree roots, winkle shells, dried grasses and rough wood and stone.  Kettle's Yard seduces one into thinking one could almost do it oneself.....  that anyone could achieve this after a walk on the beach or in the woods. 20120827-105719.jpg