A Strange Sight

What a strange sight, it looks almost like a witches' coven dancing around their bonfire... In fact it is Lancelot and co melting down their Halloween candy. Worried by the prospect of rain the Design Studio went trick or treating early and scored a record haul. Now they are applying great heat and in a top secret process extracting the corn syrup. The syrup is then solidified and converted into bio fuel which the studio will sell back to the government. (Since Congress mandated higher bio fuel usage in 2007 corn prices have reached record levels. See the Financial Times, Wednesday, October 30 th). With luck, the profits from today's work will allow them to relax over Christmas. It's a good thing the squirrels completed their core class work in organic chemistry and that Agile will be spared his annual tooth ache. What a good thing too that Lancelot subscribes to the FT!