Lancelot's blog - "unwanted guests"

Recently the issue of Lancelot's moral worth was raised. It seems some readers feel he is a rather sketchy personality. In fact Lancelot's contribution to society is enormous. His blog displays a depth and erudition seldom found elsewhere. Take, for example, a recent post "Unwanted guests". Have you ever wondered how to deal with non paying tenants or unwanted guests?   Lancelot has the answer, in fact he has the perfect solution. Lancelot offers the following advice: Play Jimi Hendrix at top volume for days at a time. This is just

the sort of  useful tip you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the blogophere.

Editor's note: Lancelot gratefully acknowledges the ground breaking research by Karen C on this subject. Further research by Ginny R on the efficaciousness of using the NPR fundraising drive for the same purpose is also much appreciated, although it should be pointed out that this was not nearly so effective.