100 Iconic Women March 2018

Invitation For Ridgefield, March 2018


100 Iconic Women  - well only 65 of them, to be honest, had a second showing this year in Ridgefield, CT.  Part of March as Women's History Month, my work was shown at the Ridgefield Public Library.  It was so great to see them all hang together and of course it was interesting to see who was most popular.  No prizes for guessing RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsberg) although Iris Apfel put in a strong showing.  Also interesting were some of the comments in the guest book, both positive and negative.  I guess that's what the makes the project so fascinating.

Beginning in late Summer of 2016 I started a personal project - painting an "Iconic Woman" in 30 minutes or less.  I had originally planned to do about 30 and then move onto another theme but gradually the project expanded until I ended up doing a 100 portraits.  With the election of 2016 unfolding as the background it became a very timely and instructive exercise.  I posted my progress on Instagram and was amazed by the passionate response. Suggestions and comments poured in and I was frequently told I should be going for a 1000.  So it is very exciting to have a first exhibition of my 100 Iconic Women, opening on February 12th of this year, at Workpoint, in Stamford.