Needle Felting, A Néw Adventure

Finally, something I have been wanting to do for ages. I bought a needle felting kit ( for a red fox) and started stabbing. My fox is nowhere near as charming as the models made by Jenny Barnett who made this kit but he does have a lot of character, in addition to a very large and bushy tail. Not too bad for a self taught first effort although I must admit the kit was wonderfully organized and without it I would never have dared take that first step . For more info please see Of course, once I started I was hooked and this grey hare followed shortly afterwards. Father remarked that I looked rather like a witch working on a voodoo doll as I sat at the table jabbing away with my lethal looking needles.

Not sure what will be next but it won't be long coming.


Big, Red Fox

Walking at the Point early one morning, a few walks ago, I met a lady coming in the opposite direction. "There's a Big, Red Fox coming this way" she said, "You might want to carry a big stick." So naturally and stickless, I set off in the direction she had come from. Alas no sign of the fox, but if I had seen him, this is what he might have looked like.... Acrylic on canvas, 18 x 24"