San Ildefonso Pueblo and Black Mesa

A week ago we were in New Mexico. We visited San Ildefonso Pueblo, just outside Santa Fe, one cold, windy afternoon. Luckily it was one of the days when it did not snow. The pueblo is famous for its beautiful black pottery. Hand built rather than thrown on a wheel and polished by stones. The clay is dug locally and fired in the traditional manner of the pueblo, using animal dung for fuel. Dwarfing the pueblo is an enormous rock structure, "Black Mesa", almost a guardian spirit. It seems alive, the colors change with every shift of shadow. Go on a cloudy day. Journal pages, watercolor.



Chinese Landscape Painting

I had planned to be done with snow but this winter had other plans.....A landscape based on a painting, " Calm Snowy World, White Sky" by Hong Yuzi, 1753, which in turn was based on a painting in the seminal work, "The Mustard Seed Garden", A treatise on Chinese landscape painting, from 1679. Double page journal spread, watercolor, depicting our home in the Mianus river valley. Meanwhile we are in the midst of what looks to be the worst snow storm of the entire winter.


Day 1. Orchard.

Summer camp finished last week so now I have a week off to finish lots of small but needful projects. With just a week at my disposal I decided to try to do a painting a day, limiting myself to a maximum of 90 minutes on any one picture. Mmm we shall see how long this lasts, especially as day 1 is a sort of cheat since I am reworking a similar painting I did earlier this year that was not working for me. but at least I stuck to the time limit. The goal is to get more comfortable working with oils. Orchard, oils, 8 x 10"