An Early Morning Walk At The Beach

I took advantage of the good weather yesterday to go for an early morning walk at the beach. While there I was lucky enough to almost literally run into Lancelot, Wilfred and Agile. I was somewhat surprised to see Agile knowing that he is not over fond of exercise but Lancelot hinted darkly that there was a reason. I was also surprised to see Agile carrying champagne but Lancelot again explained that he had asked Agile to carry the water bottle and Agile had "accidentally" misheard him. After we had parted, I wondered how Wilfred had contrived to be with them since no dogs are allowed at the beach after March 31st but then I saw the discarded raccoon costume hidden in the bushes.... Editor's note: Agile later explained that he was simply reusing an old bottle and was in fact recycling it to carry water.  Another example of how green our friends are.