The New Coffee Machine

Lancelot does not care for cold weather and tends to want to hibernate at the first signs of snow. Alarmed by the low energy levels of both Lancelot and Agile, Wilfred decided to buy the design studio a new coffee machine. It was an instant success. In fact a recent comment at the coffee machine went as follows:Agile: I feel like a caffeine addicted mouse. Press button, get reward, repeat......

Editor's note: Agile was in fact quoting John on the subject of the new expresso machine but Agile was so taken with this remark he wished to reuse it. We will have to wait and see if it has the desired effect on the studio's creative output.

Getting Ready for Halloween

Lancelot, Agile and Wilfred having been looking forward to Halloween for ages and have been planning their costumes for a long time.  There has been considerable discussion as to who has the best costume and who is likely to collect the most candy.  Agile maintains that Lancelot's costume is tantamount to emotional blackmail.  Who could resist Father Christmas when Christmas is a mere 7 plus weeks away.  Horrified by the forecast of snow, the Three Wise Creatures decide to Trick or Treat early..... Editor's Note.  Lancelot has wisely disabled Agile's Donate Candy Now button on the grounds that too much sugar is not good for Agile's teeth.

Still Waiting, still in line

Agile was not so sorry to see the Humming birds go.  Although he would never tell Lancelot so, Agile privately considered the birds to be flighty and irresponsible.  Agile DID NOT like waiting in line to mail on all the stuff that the birds inevitably forgot when they suddenly realized it was time to leave...  Of course, if he had his own cell phone, he would not have minded quite so much.

Birthday Celebrations

In honor of my Father's birthday Lancelot and Agile attempt to reproduce the famous McOmie's "proof" experiment. (Father was an Organic Chemist.) Sadly however they did not subject their calculations to critical peer review and there is a serious mistake in the final equation.* Editor's note. *The crucial final calculation should deliver the number 91, NOT 90. Lancelot and Agile apologize for this fundamental error which may render most of their research void. Lancelot strongly cautions that if you MUST try this at home, be sure to wear safely goggles.

Hedgehogs underrepresented in the visual arts

As Lancelot has frequently observed to me, Hedgehogs are seriously underrepresented in the visual arts. Dogs are de rigeur, cats are commonplace, rabbits routine, but the noble and elegant hedgehog is rarely to be seen - until now. Here we see a splendid example of this honorable creature, a ceramic hedgehog from Mexico, complete with decorative cacti. Lancelot was so thrilled to be given this sculpture by his dear friend Nancy that he has not stopped smiling in 48 hours.