Lancelot and Co get ready for Setsubun

Lancelot, Agile and Wilfred Wetnose are getting ready to celebrate Setsubun.  This is one of their favorite annual rites.  According to tradition, the head of the household dresses up as an "Oni" or demon and the rest of the family scares away bad luck by throwing beans at the demon while shouting  "Oni wa soto, fuku wa ichi"   - roughly translated as demons go away, good luck come into the house.   One is then supposed to eat as many beans as one's age.  (Naturally Agile pretends to much older than he is since Lancelot and co usually use jelly beans or m & ms.)  In order to be fair and to ensure as much good fortune as possible the three friends take turns pretending to be the demon.  Here we are privileged to see them getting ready for the great day, which is this Friday, February 3rd. Lancelot swears by this ritual and encourages everyone to perform similar rites.