Part time help, multi tasking

During the Summer months, Lancelot often takes on extra help to cover for Summer vacations. Although the Squirrel Interns are officially part of the team, there are always a lot of small, loose ends to take care of. This year Lancelot decides to try out an Octopus who came highly recommended for his multi tasking abilities. This should hopefully give Lancelot time to recharge his creative energy.


Important Correction

Lancelot and co are not in fact hunting a wild turkey for their thanksgiving dinner. In fact they are hunting the rare Thanksgiving wild birthday Cake. Threatened by habitat loss, this delicious birthday cake is now close to extinction. Luckily through a rare combination of skill and guile they finally manage to capture one and bring it home as part of the annual November birthday celebration.


More preparations

With the weather seemingly set fair, and Halloween only a week away, everyone at The Design studio is working hard to ensure a successful Halloween this year. Anticipating a record haul, Lancelot has arranged to borrow Cinderella's pumpkin carriage for the evening. In exchange Lancelot will provide Cinderella with some much needed brand repositioning. (Remember that ugly libel case between Cinderella and her step sisters?). We hope their hard work will be rewarded.


Lancelot helps out

A hoot of the car horn and a slam of the door and they were gone. Pausing only to snatch up his pipe, Lancelot and Agile left for New Hampshire. A snake was somewhere on the loose within a fraternity. Remembering Lancelot's skills as a snake charmer, see January entries on this blog, 2013, the year of the snake, the Frat was now summoning Lancelot to their aid, to help them recapture the 3 ft python.

Dartmouth police urged great caution when approaching the snake.

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Editor's note.  Lyude, the missing python was found this morning, (7/24) in a dark, warm hole by the Frat's front door.  He is now safely back in his terrarium.  Lancelot and Agile will be back in the office tomorrow, 17/25.


Madame Prickleoffski

In his younger days Lancelot would sometimes disguise himself as Madame Prickeoffski, the famous Eastern medium, gaze into his crystal ball and tell fortunes. (It was a way to finance his studies.) Now anxious to raise capital for a promising new venture, Lancelot, as Madame Prickeoffski, is hired by the Meteorological Service, to help improve the accuracy of their predictions.


Getting ready for the Humming Birds

At a recent plant sale over the weekend, I ran into Lancelot getting ready to welcome back the humming birds. Lancelot was investing in lots of red flowers. Aided by the squirrels who are very good at sneaking to the start of the line Lancelot had been able to buy many of the best plant specimens. "But why the elephant?" I wondered. Lancelot pointed out that elephants were not specifically forbidden by the Garden Club rules and were much easier to manipulate than the small red wagons usually found at plant sales."Besides" he added "they come with their own inbuilt irrigation watering system." Note to self, I really must get my own elephant, I had no idea they were so useful.