Lancelot helps out

A hoot of the car horn and a slam of the door and they were gone. Pausing only to snatch up his pipe, Lancelot and Agile left for New Hampshire. A snake was somewhere on the loose within a fraternity. Remembering Lancelot's skills as a snake charmer, see January entries on this blog, 2013, the year of the snake, the Frat was now summoning Lancelot to their aid, to help them recapture the 3 ft python.

Dartmouth police urged great caution when approaching the snake.

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Editor's note.  Lyude, the missing python was found this morning, (7/24) in a dark, warm hole by the Frat's front door.  He is now safely back in his terrarium.  Lancelot and Agile will be back in the office tomorrow, 17/25.