A New Business Venture And Introducing Wilfred Wetnose III.

With the bad weather over the Christmas period and particularly the chaos at Heathrow, it was not Lancelot's and Agile's fault that all of the promised holiday delivery failed to arrive on time. Regardless of the circumstances beyond their control, Claus Enterprises still denied Lancelot and Agile their guaranteed Christmas bonus. The bills continued to arrive. Unable to afford even basic art materials and with only security envelopes available, Lancelot and Agile bravely embarked upon a new business opportunity, creating portraits of the rich and famous. Luckily at an Entrepreneurs' round table Lancelot had recently met Wilfred Wetnose III. W.W as he is known to his friends, is of course the internet millionaire and creator of the social networking site "Willwetnose.com." Here we see W.W posing and are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the two artists at their most creative.