Another owl joins the group

Ever since Athena went to live in a library in upstate New York the other owls have been constantly pestering me for a new playmate. This morning Raphaeowl finally joined them. He still needs a little spit and polish but he is basically done. His chest plumage comes from a sheet of decorative paper with Thai script on it and the rest of him is covered with pages from a vintage Japanese book with mulberry bark paper.


Finishing up.

Knowing that I am very busy at the moment preparing for my One person show, Lancelot and Agile kindly offered to help me work on my paper mache owl.  Here you see the owl in a late development stage, receiving a final coat of the Financial Times.  With luck the owl will be dry and ready to be decorated just in time for the opening of my show on May 6th. I am so grateful to Lancelot and Agile for their help.

Paper Mache Rat

A rat to brighten even the coldest days of Winter.  Here is a charming fellow, complete with pink Financial Times ears, wire whiskers, literally beady eyes and a pipe cleaner tail that actually seems to move.  Made by my wonderful and talented student Joosje for her family's gift exchange.